Keghan Crossland

Director of Media Production

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I’m the kind of person who’s had too many moments where I ask myself how I got here. From living in some of the more exotic locations on the planet to finding myself as an extra on a trashy reality TV show in Atlantic City, I like to believe I’ve lived a well-rounded life. The point is, I’ve never been able to predict where I’ll be in the next few years, and I think I like it that way. I love connecting with people and helping them prepare for the wild rides life takes us on whether it be personally or professionally. With a degree in film and years of ministry experience, I love telling stories and bringing attention to the pieces of life that would otherwise go unseen. I’m excited to be here at Uncaged as we help others show up authentically wherever life takes them. When I’m not asking obscure questions about your motivations or making videos, you can find me off roading, snowboarding, or enjoying a glass of whiskey next to a campfire in my home state of Colorado.