Kalyca Zarich

Executive Assistant & Marketing Coach

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A Letter from Kalyca

In April of 2018 I lost my Dad. In June of 2018 I lost my Mom. Needless to say, 2018 was an extreme year of upheaval in my personal life. After those short weeks - nothing in my life would ever be the same again. I remember vividly the job I was working at during this period had already "maxed out" my allotted time off while I was trying to help care for my sick parents. After they each passed I was told to, "take a couple of days to get my head right"...

It was at this time that I became abundantly aware of how backwards most businesses have it. I am so blessed and grateful to have followed God's lead and landed here at Uncaged Clinician. It is a tremendous gift to be among people who have their priorities right.

I started working for Kevin at his clinic in 2020. In 2021 I came on in a part time role for Uncaged Clinician. From the very instant I started it was clear to me that this organization does it differently. Never in my professional life had I felt as valued, cared for, or appreciated as I did here from the very beginning.

After only being on board with Uncaged for a few months, I had the amazing honor of attending Uncaged Live 2021. This was another eye-opening, invigorating, and energizing experience. The people in this community are driven by faith, purpose, and a passion to serve others. I knew then that this was a group I have been called to spend the foreseeable future serving - so that they can continue thriving in their communities and serving patients.

Uncaged is more than a business coaching group. It is a beacon of hope. A catalyst to create businesses who can "get it right" by taking care of people the way they deserve.

Your Success is Our Success,


Unknown facts about Kalyca:
  • She was once helo rescued from a slot canyon in Utah
  • She has successfully completed two 50k, seven 50 mile, a 72 mile, and four 100 mile trail ultramarathons
  • Her tattoos are tribute pieces to her late parents
  • She was a hand model for a knife skills cooking manual when she was 15