David Bayliff

Coach & CPO

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A letter from David

If you are visiting our website, chances are that you are feeling at least a certain amount of frustration in your current position. I mean, that is typically why we go looking around - because we want to discover something. Usually, it’s to discover something that can make us better.

That was me.

I can remember working on a client one day thinking: “I do not want to be a 50 year old staff clinician.” I had two people about to finish up their exercises and were going to be ready for my hands-on. My fresh post-op shoulder client who was passive range only had just arrived, so I was trying to game plan how to navigate it all. It was at that moment that the receptionist tapped me on the shoulder and told me that my new patient was ready for me. WHAT? The front desk had forgotten (not uncommon) to tell me that they had scheduled me for a new client.

Escaping the demands and expectations of corporate healthcare gave me so much mental, physical, and creative freedom! And now, I want to help you in that journey, too. It is by helping other clinicians to discover their true Gifts and to be able to practice how they had always envisioned that I get to change patients’ lives on a much broader scale.

3 little known things about me:
  • I had the honor of carrying the Olympic torch as it passed through my hometown.
  • Endurance athletes impress the heck out of me, because I never need to run for 4hr and 12 min again in my life.
  • I grew up eating pineapple sandwiches with mayonnaise as a summertime treat.