Uncaged Bootcamp

This 4 week bootcamp includes EVERYTHING that you need to start your business on the right foundation to become UNCAGED!

Here are the details:

There will be a weekly training. All trainings will be recorded and added to your account for your viewing pleasure forever. You can always go back and watch the recording as much as you would like!

Here is the schedule:

Training 1- Tuesday, July 5th @ 8pm EST: Legalities and Logistics - Getting all of your “ducks” in a row.

Training 2- Tuesday, July 12th @ 8pm EST: Foundation - Building your business on the proper foundation. How to create a business that is successful over the next 10 years.

Training 3- Tuesday, July 19th @ 8pm EST: Finances - How to make money and keep the money you make. And of course, how to handle taxes.

Training 4- Tuesday, July 26th @ 8pm EST: Initial Marketing - How to tackle marketing and to begin to find your first client. And the second...and third...and fourth. This is crucial to understand to start driving cashflow.

(Note: If you CANNOT make the scheduled training times, do not fret. You will get access to all recordings of the trainings. Trainings will be 60 minutes long with a 30 minute Q&A. Our recommendation would be for you to set aside 90 min to watch the recordings at another time during the given week to stay on track with the bootcamp.)

Resources you get access to:

1) Documentation for your practice - Every Form that you need! (All you have to do is simply modify the Forms to fit your practice):

  • Superbill
  • Informed Consent
  • Payment Policy and Financial Agreement
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Discovery Visit Consent
  • Medicare Beneficiary Notice
  • Contract Employee Agreement 
  • Evaluation Form
  • Treatment Note Form

2) Get access to our UNCAGED PROOF OF CONCEPT online course!

  • A concise 12-training online program teaching you exactly what you need to do to begin marketing and getting clients on your schedule NOW!