6+ months
1:1 and Group Coaching
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This program is designed to help you build a business that’s intentional, predictable, & scalable, and has as little stress in knowing where your clients are coming from as possible. We want you to be able to develop systems that work for you in finding leads and nurturing them to become actual clients. And we want you to be able to serve those clients in such a way that you separate yourself from what others are doing. We also want you to be able to serve them in such a way that you’re no longer compared to your competition but separate yourself from what others are doing.

1:1 Coaching

60 min calls with your coach. We get in the trenches with you to help build and grow your practice.


6 weeks' worth of prompts to help you understand yourself, what drives you, and and how to be proactive about your stressors/stress responses.

Brand Strategy

This helps you uncover unique attributes of your business and helps you communicate more clearly to your target audience/niche.

Invest in yourself

You are your business's greatest asset

What you'll learn



Overcome limiting beliefs, identify your gifts, and gain clarity for your business in order to build your practice on solid ground.


Target Audience

Many fear niching down. We help you to identify the people who you WANT to work with.



Help in identifying who has direct access to your ideal clients. These are the people with whom you want to build trust and relationships.


Marketing Tactics

Approaches and principles to effective marketing to maximize your ROI. Includes ways to build relationships and to establish your authority.



Taking action steps with the right mindset is key. This is an often overlooked and undervalued area in business building. 


Brand Strategy

Effective messaging conveys the vibe and feel for what your business is all about. It will help you to attract the actual clients that you want.



Regardless of cash or insurance based, you must be able to sell. We help you to get comfortable with selling.


Patient Experience

We show you ways for your clients to be able to understand the value you provide so that they are happy to do business with you.

Hear from current students

Becoming part of the UNCAGED family was the best choice I could have made for my new business. I joined the Pathway program within a month of starting my company and they provided me with the confidence, support and guidance I needed to allow this to be my full-time job, hire additional staff and be in a better financial position….all within 6 MONTHS of starting my company! The UNCAGED team helps you break free from the constraints of our current healthcare system and enables you to provide the care our clients DESERVE. If you are on the fence about joining, join! Your company and your family will thank you because your growth, both personally and professionally, will be exponential.
Kelsey Harris
Neuroaxis Rehabilitation
I was thinking today that I am literally living my dream. I literally have created my dream job in less than ONE YEAR!!!

I'm so thankful I made the leap to go to UC Live and do the accelerator program.
Lindsay Kennedy
Physio Victory
Sometimes before we take a big leap we need someone to believe in us more than we believe in ourselves. I went from burnt out and scared to owning my own private practice with a full caseload and wait list in just three months.

This program was one of the best investments in myself and my health. I learned I was far more capable and valuable than corporate health care made me believe. I learned I deserved to build the practice of my dreams. I learned I had incredible assets and was capable of serving my community in a way that filled me with joy again.  I learned how to fight for what I believe in and became passionate about being a PT all over again. David, Josh and Kevin have incredible lived experience and give valuable recommendations to build authentic and genuine connections that helped me gain long term traction in my community. Each of them has a unique set of values and personality that allowed me to reflect on and grow my business in a way that was true to me and my vision.
Ashley Will
Somatic PT
I just wanted to share my thanks to you and the Uncaged team! You are truly the best team! You go beyond just teaching us how to write up cold emails for marketing to 'grow our business'. You go above and beyond to really help us grow as individuals, not just business owners. For me personally, my 2 months working with the Uncaged team I have learned so much about myself. Even if my business ends up only helping a single person, I can honestly say that the mentoring and training that I have done with one-on-one calls and group calls has helped me grow as a person and dive deep on understanding who I am and what is important to me in this life. And that is priceless. So keep doing what you're doing and know how thankful I am to have crossed paths for you to coach me!
Keri Markut

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