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Are you ready to grow beyond yourself? Join our one-of-a-kind community of supportive, like-minded clinicians to discover accountability and encouragement within a loving and dynamic group of colleagues. After becoming Uncaged themselves, our Mastermind members have shifted their focus to building teams that love, serve, care, and lead within their communities. These clinicians are forging the path to provide better healthcare to patients, while allowing other clinicians the opportunity to become Uncaged as well.


Our group of established clinicians from all over the country provide support and fellowship via weekly group calls, regularly scheduled in-person events, and accountability groups.


Our coaches are passionate about mentoring you to reach your full potential while avoiding common, yet avoidable mistakes as you grow and scale.


Become the best servant leader you can be and the leader your team deserves. We help business owners uncage their leadership potential through mindset and personal development coaching.

What you'll learn



The best businesses have the healthiest owners. Those who stay grounded in their purpose are most likely to achieve long-term, sustainable success. Increase the depth at which you understand your purpose to increase your staying power as a business.



If your business were a vehicle, would it be equipped to take you where you need to go? Coming back to this question often helps establish a cadence through which you can adapt to changing contexts and continue providing the best services possible to the clients you serve.


Organizational Health

How do you know you are being successful in the pursuit of your dreams? Setting up subjective and objective measures to quantify your success is pivotal to your longevity.



As you grow personally and professionally, how do you ensure your quality of care remains intact? We provide strategies that will allow you to maintain or improve your delivery of services with your current clients, team, and beyond.


Internal Communication

As you grow beyond yourself, maintaining your vision and ensuring buy-in becomes critical with the team you cultivate. The strategies in our program can help take many of the headaches out of managing your team and keep a sharp eye on internal communication.


External Communication

Who is your ideal client? Are you reaching them effectively? We help clinicians devise a sustainable, repeatable, and predictable strategy to maximize their marketing initiatives and produce steady, consistent business.


Rest & Reflect

Your business will only be as healthy as you are. We structure rest and reflection to help our business owners optimize, prioritize and take care of themselves - so they can take care of business for years to come.

Hear from current students

In hindsight after joining Pride Mastermind - I look back and wish I wouldn't have waited! The quality of the help and support I've received has made every cent worth it. If you are thinking about joining I want to encourage you to do so. It will be the best decision you make.

Lesli Jenkins
Mastermind Student

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