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Where you've been can drive you forward

Dec 19, 2021



December 19, 2021

Where you’ve been can drive you forward


Where in the world did 2021 go?

I feel like I just put away the party hats and noisemakers.  

Nonetheless, Santa is about to make his rounds again in less than a week.

Which, fellas (as in, literally, men), you’ve got only a few days to get in that shopping!

I’ve got a curious question.

Were you one who said this time last year: “I’m going to make changes in 2021”?

Second question: Did you?

It’s amazing how fast 12 months pass.  If you happen to answer “No” to the second question, don’t worry.  Chances are you weren’t the only one.

Third question for you to reflect on: What stopped you?

Just reflect.

That’s what I want to share briefly with you today - Reflection.

Whether or not you are attempting to grow your own business, we all tend to spend much of our energy looking forward.  We long for where we want to be.  

We say we are going to do this and do that.  

Don’t get me wrong.  Setting goals - even BIG goals - is muy importante.  The Blog may even discuss this next week.

But, the point is this: few of us take sufficient time to sit with our favorite warm or cold beverage and look back on the fruits of our labor.

Let’s be honest.  Many people have a tendency to focus on where they are NOT, and give little attention to what they have done.  

Josh, Kevin, and I encourage you to go through this activity regardless if you are striving to grow your own practice or not.

Mainly, because it is so easy to forget to acknowledge the things we have done throughout the year.

If you are lacking motivation this time of year (last week’s blog touched on this briefly), then reviewing where you were 365 days ago compared to the present can be one way to pull yourself out of the doldrums. 

I’ll be the first to share my vulnerability, if you will

It is truly amazing what has transpired over the past TWO years.

January 1st, 2019 is when Josh and I combined forces to form the Mobile Concierge Coaching Academy.

At that time, I think we had the goal of simply helping 500 healthcare clinicians to escape corporate healthcare, and to start and grow their own practices.

Five hundred seemed like a large number.

My, oh my, how things have transpired and grown.

Since then, I have been able to leave my mobile practice (I do still see about seven or so visits per week of my long-time wellness clients).  

A partnership of two has grown to three with the addition of Kevin in less than a year.  

We were able to host our very first LIVE event in Plano, TX in 2021.  We have secured an amazing location in Denver, CO for the next LIVE event over the next four years.

The Facebook group transitioned from The Mobile PT LEAGUE to UNCAGED CLINICIAN.  It’s membership has more than doubled in the past two years.

A company of two now has nine employees.  Number 10 - my wife - will be starting with us June 1st.  UNCAGED CLINICIAN is affording her the ability to leave her teaching position and to join us.

And we are not stopping there!

Within the next few weeks we will be bringing on employees numbers 11, 12, and 13.  Plans for #14 and #15 in 2022 are already in the works.

Big things are on the very close horizon for UNCAGED CLINICIAN.  

More about the future later.

2021 brought me closer to God.  

The entire UNCAGED team has become my family.  

I know this is often said about “co-workers”, but we truly are brothers and sisters.  I am blessed to be a part of this family.  

I have felt their support and dedication to our collective mission, and it is truly powerful.  I would even say bamfuego.

Looking back at what we (UNCAGED CLINICIAN team) have done over the past 12 months plus makes it easy to be excited for what lies ahead.  

Reviewing the journey reminds me that we are right where we need to be - at this moment.  

A bright future awaits.

My hope is that the lesson from today’s blog can be learned from the previous three sentences by those reading this.

Learn from reflection.  Let it be a reminder and a validator.  Allow the recent months to be an inspiration for can, and will be, tomorrow.

Reflecting can also reveal the gaps that may be preventing you from achieving what you are destined to do.  

Remember: the past is a great teacher.

Come next December, may your answer to the question of “Did you make those changes?” be a resounding “YES!”

On behalf of the entire UNCAGED CLINICIAN team, I want to wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season.  

May it be filled with love, joy, family, and friends!


Josh, Kevin, David - UNCAGED CLINICIAN


BTW, if you are thinking you want to grow your own business in 2022, watch for a very special offer that will be announced in the coming days!