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When is the best time to hire?

Dec 04, 2021



December 5, 2021

When is the best time to hire?

Start looking early!

One of the most common questions we get asked by clinicians is “When do I hire?”  

The timing of when a new hire is brought on - particularly the first hire - can be crucial.  We even go so far as to suggest that your very first day as a solopreneur should be when plans to hire are starting to form.

David, for example, started having conversations with his first contract therapist before he ever saw his first client.  

The benefit for him was that when the time came that he needed a therapist, that person had already been identified, and they were ready to go.  

However, let’s take a look at a few things in order to help you to figure this out.

What can be quite common is for a therapist to have as their goal a certain number of visits per week that they want to be seeing before hiring.  

Obviously, part of what should be determined is one’s own bandwidth for visits seen each week.  

Say, for example, that the number is 20 visits each week.  

Where many make the mistake is that they wait until that particular number is being seen consistently prior to pulling the trigger.

This strategy can result in unnecessary added stress, and it can come at the cost of lost revenue.

Side note is that too many business owners look at hiring as an expense.  Thus, the tendency to ensure that numbers are “steady” prior to hiring.

We urge you to remember that any hire that is ever made is done so for the purpose of making you more money, and giving you time freedom.  A hire is never to be seen as an expense.

Looking at the common approach to making a hire, one thing that often gets overlooked is the training required to bring someone on board.   

Hiring an employee isn’t like buying an Apple product where you simply “plug in and play”.   

Time is needed to ensure that the new person is brought on properly.  

Things like systems, procedures, scheduling, even interacting with the clients must be addressed in order to maintain the congruence and integrity of your business.

Waiting until your own threshold has been reached will only add to the stress of taking the time to train an employee.  

Another consideration when waiting until business is bursting at the seams is to recognize that new marketing efforts are likely necessary in order to fill a second case load.  

The energy needed to perform quality, effective marketing may be lacking a bit due to the fact that you are already at your limit for what you have the time and/or energy to do.

In fact, one may even start to see a decrease in business because of a drop off in marketing efforts due to the over abundance of seeing clients.  

Eventually that caseload that was at (your max) suddenly drops.  The thought settles in that “perhaps now is not the time to hire”.  

In reality, the caseload probably dropped because a hire was not made.

Thus, waiting to hire begins to cost the business money.

In general, a good time to look at hiring is when a caseload is approaching 85-90% capacity.  

For one, it can take time to find the right person.  We have seen it take business owners as long as two to three months to find the right fit.

Secondly, your own personal boundaries must be respected in order to prevent burnout from working too much in your own business!

Trust us when we say that while seeing a high volume and making good money is fabulous, nothing is more alarming than to realize that you are starting to not like your own business.

This can happen when you have not created a system that gives you the time freedom that you originally were seeking.

Even if your plans are to be a solopreneur, it may serve you well to consider hiring a contract therapist who can off-load even 2-3 visits/week from you.  It is amazing what a difference even that can make in your day and in your week.

Before ever finding yourself in a position to need to hire, we recommend that you put thought into what that ideal person looks like.  What talents do they have?  What talents do you need them to have?

Already having an image of that ideal person will allow you to jump on an opportunity when it is presented.  

As a business owner, you should always be on the lookout for talent.  When the right person comes along, now it may be a matter of simply figuring out how much to compensate them, or how to do so.

Compensation is naturally the second piece of the puzzle when hiring.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that as the owner, you can be creative in how you offer compensation.

It is easy to get caught up in the dollars.  However, there are many ways to give value back to the employee.

Consider things such as a sliding payment scale.  Another thing that you can provide that many businesses can not is true mentorship.  

It is no secret that jobs often dangle mentorship as an enticement only to fall well short of following through with the promise.  However, you have the ability to guarantee mentorship.

The mentorship can be in areas such as skill set, business development, marketing, etc.

Additionally, you can also offer real financial growth within the company.

Many clinicians are used to their growth opportunities being in the form of management.  

But, you can offer them the ability to do what they are truly after: that is, to make more money; not climb a corporate ladder.

We hope these ideas are helpful for you if you are looking to hire within your practice.  

In general, it is never too early to start planning for growth! 

Hire someone who embodies your mission and your passion.  Many of the tactical skills can be learned.  Personality can not.

We truly want you to find your success!

Josh, Kevin, David - UNCAGED CLINICIAN


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