What the PRIDE Mastermind is all about

David Bayliff
August 23, 2022

A Community you’ve been seeking!

Chances are that you have heard quite a bit about the UNCAGED Pathway program from posts in the Facebook group and from our emails.

The Pathway is our 6-month program designed to help the new entrepreneur to get started in their own practice.

To learn more about the Pathway program, you can read our blog from last week or schedule a Growth Strategy Session with us here.

Did you know that we also have something for the business owner who has established themselves and are looking to gain better traction and/or to scale their practice?

That’s right!

Our on-going PRIDE Mastermind is tailored for those who are achieving, and are looking to continue their growth.

For some, that means scaling their practice.  For a few, they are simply looking to maintain a steady business with no plans to scale.

The important thing is that everyone in Mastermind is looking to achieve sustainability.  Additionally, they understand the value of being part of a like-minded community where everyone is supportive of each other.


In case you haven’t noticed, our mascot is the lion.  Simply, a group/community/family of lions (and lionesses) is called a PRIDE.

At the heart of both of our programs are the pillars of LOVE. SERVE. CARE. LEAD. - and to help others to do the same.

We feel confident that our students would admit that everything about the program comes from a place of Love.  

It is stated over and over from them that the team genuinely Cares for them as individuals first.

The only way that our community grows is through Serving.  One of the most effective and sustainable ways for practice owners to grow their businesses is to serve.

Not only do we Lead our students, but we strive to help them to lead others, as well.

What do we mean by “on-going”?

The program was initially a 12 month commitment.  However, we find that the students choose to continue to work with us because of the accountability, the support, and the community that we - and they - have built.

Thus, we have decided to not place time obligations to the program.  Our mission is to continue to have the program evolve, and to foster a community of LOVE. SERVE. CARE. LEAD.

A unique attribute to the PRIDE Mastermind is that the program doesn’t focus on helping business owners to build successful practices that ultimately become “just another corporate, caged job” for their employees.

We want the LOVE SERVE CARE LEAD to be passed onto their teams.  And, ultimately, to their customers.

In order to truly impact healthcare and the many local communities, it is imperative that our students create environments that allow other practitioners who are not interested in being business owners to have a place where they, too, have  autonomy, control, and freedom.

It is through this philosophy where the patient gets to experience a true difference.  

The impact of PRIDE then grows exponentially.

What does the program entail?

The basic nitty gritty is this:

A private FB group, weekly group calls, 1:1 calls, and accountability partners.

The conversations and discussions are centered around business and personal growth, leadership, reflection, forecasting, sustainability.

Guest speakers are brought in who share their knowledge on various business related topics from 401K plans, taxes, SEO, maintaining a healthy family life, leadership, and more.

The mastermind students also have exposure once a year to Matt Phillips, CEO of ProAthleteAdvantage, and business coach for Josh, Kevin, David, and the UNCAGED team.  

A valuable part of both of our programs is the personal development segment.  Our PRIDE members continue to work with Hannah DeGroot, our personal development coach, on mindset, mental health, and team assessments (working genius model, enneagram, etc)!

Our PRIDE Mastermind students gather in person a minimum of twice a year.  

We host small-group retreats four times/year in Denver, Dallas, and Phoenix.  

The purpose of the small-groups is to allow for a maximum of 6-7 students to come together for masterminding in an intimate setting.  

The learning and the sharing that go on in these small-groups serve as massive momentum events for each business owner.

Additionally, all mastermind students come together once a year for a PRIDE gathering.

While the focus of these events is growing both personally and professionally, plenty of time is allotted for some fun and bonding.

We have had many students join the PRIDE in search of answers to questions like:

“How do I hire my first employee?”

“How do I know when I’m ready to scale?”

“How do I pay myself more?”

… and many more questions.

But the most amazing organic occurrence is that people STAY in PRIDE because the community is second to none.

If you are curious about joining PRIDE, or you want to know if it is the right fit for you, we would love to share more with you!  

Talk to us today!

Your success is our success!

The UNCAGED team

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