What makes a logo a good one?

David Bayliff
August 29, 2022

Simple can be sexy!

You have worked so hard to cultivate, and build your brand.

Your business is creating promises, expectations, emotion, and giving people reasons to pay for you over a substitute.

Your logo or brand wrapping is just an identifier for your audience to pick or associate with you.

The visual wrapping should encompass what you plan to continue to provide and allow people to make emotional responses.

So what makes a good logo?


The goal should always be how memorable or how easy is it for someone to connect the dots to what it is you provide them.

Your brand is already creating an experience, setting expectations, and your logo should be a quick identifier that reminds them of such things. So in short keep it to a minimum.


There is a time and place for funky or abstract designs that cause someone to ponder or think.

When it comes to logos and especially word marks, it's all about creating clarity, and ease of readability.

A great design will be easy on the eyes, and have small unique moves that associate it with the brand through color, type, or even a mark.

At the end of the day, if people can’t read it, or figure out what is, your logo is failing.


Logo designs should resonate or seem familiar within your audiences expectations, or industry.

Designs do not need to be the same, but the general aesthetic should not be so far removed that your brand's wrapping resembles a completely different industry.

Using your audience's lifestyle as a gauge is a great way to test whether your brand is leaning the right direction or not.

At the end of the day, you want a logo that has an engaging narrative to it.  

Your logo, coupled with your marketing messaging, should give the customer a strong vibe as to what you are all about.

Your success is our success!

The UNCAGED team

NOTE: Today’s edition comes to us courtesy of graphic designer Timothy Rhyne, owner of TYPO Design Studio.  Timothy is the key designer who has revamped the look of UNCAGED CLINICIAN.

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