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What IS the secret to marketing?

Jan 09, 2022



January 9, 2022

What IS the secret to marketing?

It’s this one basic skill!

Want to know the “secret” to good marketing?

We see the question posted all the time of “How do I best market?”

The problem is that we are never taught marketing.

We even published a blog not that long ago as to why many people tend to dislike this necessary business building activity.  

One of the big reasons is because of what was just stated: We are never taught how to do it.

Let us first tell you what the “secrets” are NOT.

It’s not spending more money.

It’s not Facebook ads.

It’s not Google SEO.

It’s not hustling a little harder.

It’s NOT buying physicians and their entire staff lunches.

It’s not making your website prettier to see.

It’s not buying a spot in your local magazine.

It’s not sending out mailers.

It’s not even having conversations (those without a clear game plan, particularly).

Yes, ALL of these CAN be a part of your marketing strategies, especially at the right time.

However, the most important piece of marketing that doesn’t get discussed enough is the value in one’s ability to COMMUNICATE.

Communication goes far beyond sharing the details about who you are or what you do.  And it certainly is much more than rattling off a list of your certifications.

It is not just having conversations where information is exchanged.  

Good communication is about listening, demonstrating empathy, and offering something that is compelling enough to move someone from their place of negative (frustration, difficulty, irritation, pain) towards a feeling of hope.

Effective communication even involves showing humility, but perhaps not as your impression of humility may be.

It  is not thinking less of yourself.  Rather, humility is about thinking of yourself less.

Translation: In your communication, how can you think of ways to serve the person right in front of you?

We see the question all the time “What’s the best marketing to do?”, and without a doubt in our minds it is to improve upon the ability to communicate.  

It has long been said that the key to any relationship is communication.  And marketing is nothing more than building relationships.

After developing solid communication skills it is then and only then that one should begin to pump money into Facebook or Google ads, SEO, etc.  

Otherwise, dollars are merely being spent for more people to hear and/or see a message that fails to land, or compel them to take action.

Again, all the things that we say “good marketing” is not are, indeed, good things to do - at the right time.

Step One: become solid in the art of effective communication.

Your success is our success!

Josh, Kevin, David - UNCAGED CLINICIAN


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