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Turn off the news and go for a walk

Sep 04, 2021



September 5, 2021

Turn off the news and go for a walk

Your input affects your output!

Many people love watching the news on a daily basis.  Particularly in these times. 

Everyone wants to know about the rising COVID numbers, the hospitalizations, what’s going on overseas with our military.

Following all these events tends to absorb many of our lives.

Are you one of those who craves knowing what the media has to say each day?

It’s totally ok if you are.  Trust us, you’re not alone.

But, can we offer a suggestion?

Turn off the news and go for a walk.

That’s right.  Go for a walk.  Or, do something; preferably outside.

Why do we suggest this?

Because your daily input directly affects your output.

We define input received on a daily basis as these four things:

  1. Input you receive from others around you
  2. The people with whom you surround yourself
  3. Input from information you are absorbing
  4. Your environment

Let’s start with Input from others around you.

We have discussed before about the importance of drowning out the naysayers around you.  In fact, that was the topic of the UNCAGED CLINICIAN podcast last week.  (Be sure to check it out!)

Most people tend to talk about things with a negative slant.  When all you are hearing are the negative side of things, the doom and gloom that lies ahead, then your thoughts start to become clouded.  

We have also mentioned the importance and the value of taking audit of the people with whom you surround yourself.

Are they open minded?  Do they embrace challenges? Are they supportive?  Have they achieved what you are wanting to achieve, and maybe more?  

When they say that you are the average of the five people you surround yourself most with, there is a lot of truth to it.  It’s really tough to excel when you may be the outlier of the bunch with no understanding support.

Let’s skip to #4 - Your environment.

Is your home, your car, your workspace a cluttered mess?  Do you have quiet places to retreat to for creative thinking?  Does your work area/creative area have sufficient lighting?  Do you feel like you have elbow room?

You may not realize it, but if you said “Yes” to any of the above questions, then subconsciously your mind is becoming distracted.  

And one of the biggest evil forces that prevents forward progress is that we become distracted.

We are going to focus a bit more on #3 today - The input from information you are absorbing.

Information is abundant these days.  It is everywhere, and it can be gained as easily as saying: “Hey, Siri…”

The interesting part is this.  You will always find what you are seeking, and you will always become what you are absorbing.

We repeat: You will always find what you are seeking, and you will always become what you are absorbing.

Have you ever flipped on the news and gone from joyful and happy TO annoyed, irritable, and fuming? 

Each of us certainly has.  

Take politics, for example.  

If you are looking for proof that Republicans are bad people, just turn on CNN.

If you feel that Democrats are evil, you will be assured that by watching FOX.

The way we can become so absorbed with this stuff is quite comical, really.  And it’s all garbage.

Why is it garbage?  Because channels’ sole mission is to rile up its audience.

Let’s keep going…

If you are a person of faith, how about this one?

Have you ever gone to church on a Sunday (or Saturday evening) and heard an incredibly timely message, and left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated?

Yep.  We have, too.  

Our input directly affects our output.

Honestly, it isn’t rocket science.  

How often have you heard others say (or even said yourself) that they are feeling depressed about watching the news?  

All the time.

That’s because the news rarely reports happy stuff.  When they do, it is billed almost as a “special story”.  

The other day, David’s wife had the morning news on while they were eating breakfast.  David noticed that in the 30 minutes that the tv was on, there was not one single story of any kind mentioned that was positive.

A US Senator once said that he always read the sports page first, because it was the only place where one could read about (man’s) accomplishments.

We want you to understand that you can directly control how you feel by what you take in.

If the news is getting you down, turn it off.

Go for a walk.

Take in some fresh air and a little sunshine, or enjoy the early evening as dusk approaches.

Turn on positive music, or an inspiring audiobook.

Nature has a wonderful way of soothing, and healing.

YOU are in control.  Please don’t lose sight of that.

You can change your entire life when you accept this one fact:

You are responsible for how you are feeling and what you are experiencing at all times.

We need more people feeding themselves with positive input.


Because we NEED more people giving positive output.

Go, be a light in someone else’s day today.

As always, your success is our success!

Josh, Kevin, David - UNCAGED CLINICIAN

BTW, are you wanting to grow your own practice, but negative input has discouraged you?

We happen to know a whole team of people who are ready to surround YOU with positive encouragement  that will give you the energy to achieve your dreams.

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