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Thinking like a Winner leads to success!

Jan 23, 2022



January 23, 2002

Thinking like a Winner leads to success!

A winning mindset is key!

Mind if I ask you a question?

And if it’s ok, I’m going to also ask you to “go deep” with your answer.  For realz, give your answer some serious thought.

If you are currently growing your own practice, or if you have plans to start your own practice, what was/is the ultimate reason behind your decision?

Dive deep with your answer.

I challenge you to do so because while one may be quick to say: “I want to make more money”, rarely - I mean RARELY - is this the primary motivator quoted when Josh, Kevin, or I ask clinicians: “Why?”.

I mean, yes, absolutely having one’s own practice can give them the opportunity to make more money and work less.  Who doesn’t want that gig?!

But, believe it or not, it is not that often that people say: “The sole reason I am doing this is to make more money.”

So, I ask what ARE you looking for in pursuing entrepreneurship?

Let me give you the backstory as to why I am asking you this question.

I had a coaching call this past week with one of our PRIDE Mastermind students, Kwesi.  It was a great call with the energy high.  He was freakin’ pumped.  His confidence was through the roof.

Kwesi had just hit his first five-figure month in his practice; doing so in his 11th month of being fully UNCAGED.

But, you know what?

His gross income for the month was not even mentioned.  

Not once.

I already knew about his accomplishment.

His energy was coming from another source - his own personal growth.

As I mentioned, what was not talked about was the success of his previous month.  What was discussed were the  low weeks that tend to pop up in his schedule.

To this, he quipped: “I’ve learned that (you) are going to come out of those dips, and the schedule is going to jump back up.”

He also shared with me how he is moving into his own place in three weeks after more than nine years of having a roommate.  Now his monthly housing rent is about to double.

The gym owner whom he leases space from is about to raise the price on him by $400.

There is another monthly expense that is about to see an increase, as well.  

All in all, Kwesi is facing a pretty hefty bump in his monthly expenses.

When I had the coaching call with Kwesi, was he down?  Did I have to talk him off the ledge?

Nope.  Not in the least.

Upon listing off these “predicaments”, Kwesi followed with a comment that gave me the chills ( or is it goose bumps? My wife and I had this debate).

He said: “You know, I need more money for things.  But these are just challenges to me that it’s time to level up.”

In order to overcome what many would be in a panic over, Kwesi recognized that he can draw on his strength and creative power, and lean on the gifts that he has been given.  

Where most would need a prozac, Kwesi turned the narrative upside down.  

He recognized that there are solutions to these obstacles, and he could use his thoughts and creativity to overcome them.

Ultimately, he owned the fact that he “can do things that are hard and challenging”.

I was beaming with joy at the end of our call.  

THIS….this is what UNCAGED CLINICIAN is all about.

Yes, our goal is to help clinicians to win in their journeys.

And, yes, we get excited when they reach and exceed their financial goals.

Certainly, we are jazzed when they are able to scale their practices.

But winning in business goes well beyond getting referrals,  making respectable profits, and hiring a team.  

We firmly believe that one’s business growth will never exceed their personal development.

Maturity such as this allows one to overcome challenges and obstacles.  It prevents one from standing on the ledge of desperation.  

It keeps one’s head in the game so that they can continue their forward progression and accomplish what they set out to do.

We place a premium on mentoring our students to grow as individuals.  This is why our program includes sessions with Hannah DeGroot, our personal development coach.  

Dreams come to life when driven by a positive outlook.

If you have a copy of my book, then I probably have written to you that while intentional action steps are needed to find success, doing so with the right mindset is key.

Being able to approach your business with a mindset like this will set you up for success.

Success is what we are all striving to achieve.

And your success is our success.



By the way…

If in answering the first question you thought: “But I know I need help to get there”, then you are in luck!

Helping clinicians with business and personal growth is what we do!

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