The UNCAGED PATHWAY, and what it can do for you

David Bayliff
August 29, 2022

Your roadmap to success!

If you happen to be new - or newer - to UNCAGED CLINICIAN, you may have lots of questions regarding starting and growing a practice.

We get many questions regarding marketing, the best way to get clients, how to convince people to pay cash, how to compete against the larger corporate clinics, and more.

We love providing answers and resources for anyone with questions… but, here is what we have seen after years of observation:

Many budding entrepreneurs prefer to “figure it out” and “learn what they don’t know” before turning to help.

We respect that.  

Not everyone takes golf, tennis, or swim lessons.  But they still go do those activities with lots of enjoyment.  

Just like physical or occupational therapy isn’t everyone’s choice for treatment,  and some patients put a premium on getting care for free (under the guise of insurance), getting help to become successful at business - which one has never tried, nor been taught how to before - is not important.

However, many see the value in being guided in doing something new and scary.  They prefer not to go through the struggles, or to reinvent the wheel.  Just like the patients who happily pay cash for excellent care because they know they will spend less time (and, potentially less money) with a therapist who truly cares.

These folks understand that having the support of a team can get them where they want to go in a much shorter time period, which gives them the opportunity to replace their corporate salary or potentially surpass it in much less time.

In turn, they reduce the amount of money they would lose by trying to figure out all the pieces.

Much like sitting on the floor with a room full of legos.  You know that when put together they make the Star Wars Millennium Falcon.  But with no instructions, you just don’t know where to start.

But if you are anxious to get that Millennium Falcon built, we have the instructions for you.

The UNCAGED PATHWAY is our 6-month program that is designed to help the clinician looking to grow their own dreams instead of someone else’s.

We guide the brand new, or fairly new business owner from “I want to do this” to “I am so glad I did this!  I love what I am building!”

A.K.A. from idea to reality.

We do that with both group calls and 1:1 coaching.

The 6-month Pathway program lays a solid foundation for you in your budding practice.  From there you will get the unique opportunity to continue working with us toward continued personal, professional, and business growth.

Each student works with Hannah DeGroot, our Personal Development coach for six weeks upon joining the Pathway program.  The purpose is to help identify personal blindspots that can derail an individual, and strategies for working through any personal challenges.

While we have had Personal Development as a piece for some time now, we have now made this a more intentional - and vital -  segment of the program.

Ask anyone who has ever built a business and they will tell you that they did not realize the importance of personal development until they embarked on their journey.

To be candid, many entrepreneurs “fail” because they avoid personal growth.  Business development and personal growth can not be separated.  

Truth be told, one’s business growth will never exceed their personal development.

With our mission being to help clinicians to become UNCAGED both professionally AND personally, it made sense to give deliberate attention to the individual.  

The Pathway plays a key role in helping students to identify who they most want to serve, and what effective messaging to use in order to attract that desired client.

We ensure that your message is on-point in order to best attract your clients.

It’s kind of like going fishing.

It’s exciting to catch a fish. Any fish.  But one usually has A particular fish that they most want to catch.

We help our students to catch THAT fish.

There is a common rule in ALL businesses that if you are trying to speak to everyone, then you are speaking to no one.  

Thus, while it seems counterintuitive, being clear about who you help and the problems that you solve for them will actually lead to you catching not only your desired fish, but other fish too.

While personal development and brand strategy, as we call it, may not seem like a major deal, both are crucial to the Foundation of your business.  

Nailing these down only helps to increase confidence and improve messaging once marketing begins.  This, in turn, leads to greater success in your marketing efforts.

Business development - learning how to actually be a business - the heart of our program, is still a major cornerstone of the Pathway.  

The “business” coaching calls start immediately.  Thus, for the first six weeks the students have personal development and business coaching calls.

We teach you proven and effective relationship building strategies - aka “marketing” - which includes building relationships with potential referral sources and with potential customers.

As you might guess, marketing is one area where many new business owners struggle.  We take the guesswork out of it so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, nor delay the success you should be having.

All the while, we help you to build your famousity in your community.

Messaging, marketing, building your famousity - they are the key elements to Attracting your clients.  

Another major portion of the entire client acquisition cycle that is a challenge for many is Converting leads into customers - i.e. selling.

Just to dispel a common belief that taking insurance solves all woes: You must be able to sell regardless of whether you are a cash-based practice or you are contracted with insurances.

That means that it is important to be able to demonstrate your value, show how you can solve problems, and why YOU are their best option;  even if you are accepting their insurance.

The selling is not only to the patient.  

It is imperative to be able to sell to potential referral sources, as well.  They must be sold on what you do and that you are what’s best for their own patients, customers, colleagues, family, and friends.

Finally, we go over the best ways to serve your patients at a higher level so that they are ecstatic that they chose you to be their health investment broker.  This can lead to their transition into a continuity program, which we cover also.

Another vital offering is personalized help with Medicare issues via our Medicare specialist.

We also help our students with Out of Network Billing, and with running Social Media Ads (an added minimal cost if the student chooses this).

As a member of the UNCAGED coaching program, students are provided access to a well-known EMR system as part of the package.

Bottom line, we offer a comprehensive coaching program that covers all of your needs as a business owner, and the support you need to create YOUR OWN dream.  

Beyond helping clinicians to grow their own practices, we want to help those owners to be able, and feel empowered to LOVE, SERVE, CARE, and LEAD their staff in a way that they, the staff, feel empowered in their jobs.

Ultimately, the patients are the ones who benefit from what has trickled down from the top.

To learn more about the UNCAGED CLINICIAN Pathway, take the first step here!

Remember, your success is our success!

All the best,


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