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The most dangerous 4-letter word in business, happiness, and health

Nov 06, 2021



November 7, 2021

There is a dangerous 4-letter word in business, happiness, and health

How often have you said ONCE?

You may not know this, but I have a book titled: THE WINNING MINDSET FOR THE MOBILE ENTREPRENEUR.  Success Starts Between the Ears.

I was so excited to publish it back in December of 2019.

I was supposed to publish a book before WINNING MINDSET... yyyyeeaars ago.

But, it didn’t happen.  

The title was going to be The… wait.  I’m not telling you.  I still may publish it.


Well, once

And “once” is why I didn’t publish my first book idea before.  I said “once” too many times.

I hid behind excuses such as “once I have more time to write…”; “once I get better ideas…”; “once I figure out exactly what I want to write about, and how to construct the content of the book…”

I was going to publish the book with the help of my good friend, Jeb, who was a  screenplay writer in Hollywood, and he published a couple of books via the traditional route.  

Jeb had been a former client of mine a long time ago at one of the clinics where I worked, and from that we developed a bond.  

He actually came to me with the idea for the book.  The cool thing was that I had been wanting to write a book, and I was wanting to reconnect with him to ask him for help!  

We met a couple of times to discuss ideas.  But I keep giving him excuses of “once...”.

…. then Jeb, unfortunately, passed away.

The book was never written.

Why do I share this quick little story?

How often in your career have you said that you were going to do something ONCE you… ?

That four letter word is the most dangerous word in business, in happiness, and in health.

Why is that?

No other word probably sets one up for “failure” more so than once.  The reason is that once allows us to be non-committal. 

It opens the door for backing out.  It prohibits us from making the “thing” a true priority.

Some examples:

I’ll start my business once I have more money.

I’ll go all-in once I can do (x)

I’ll start a side-hustle once I get more work experience.

I’ll hire somebody once I can get my head above water from seeing so many clients.

I’ll make that trip to Barcelona once… (Note: I’ve been saying THAT line for over 30 years)

I’ll get help once I get my business up and running and I figure out what I need to do.

I’m going to be happy once…

I’m going to be able to take care of myself once…

A great way to look at things is this: “I need to take care of myself NOW so that I can have the life that I want in the future.” 

In other words, be proactive before things become a fire storm.

Gordon Ramsey has an interesting perspective on happiness and once.  He states that: “If you’re not happy with where you are now, you’re never going to be happy with where you are going.”

We simply keep redrawing the line in the sand.  

Saying that happiness will be obtained once (I get “there”) creates a mindset of living in the future, and not appreciating the present.

There is a spiritual way of looking at happiness.  It is difficult to be appreciative of the people or things in your day if (you) can’t be appreciative that you have been given another day.  

Simply put, once = next time.

Unfortunately, next time rarely comes around.

When you find yourself saying once, we challenge you to take whatever word or phase that came before once, and make that “thing” a priority - one that is acted on now.  

It just may make business and life much more enjoyable.

Your success is our success!

Josh, Kevin, David - UNCAGED CLINICIAN


Question: Are you finding yourself saying: “I will start my business once…”?  

Perhaps we can help you with that.  

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