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Successful people share these two experiences

Oct 01, 2021


Oct 3, 2021

Successful people share these two experiences.

In person is The Best!

Let me ask you, have you heard of any of these people before - or, perhaps know them in some way:

Greg Todd, Paul Gough, Aaron LeBauer, Jerry Durham, Alex Engar, Will Boyd, Kyle Rice, Kara Welke,  Mike Chua, of course Josh Payne, Kevin DeGroot, and, heck, even me, David Bayliff?

Chances are you know at least one of those names if not most of them.

All of these people (I shamelessly throw my name in the hat, as well) are pretty big influencers in various healthcare disciplines; particularly when it comes to breaking away from the norms of The Establishment.

Pretty much all of these folks are Rockstars in their own right.

You may be thinking that you would like to be a Rockstar someday, too. 

Guess what?

You can be!

There are two big things that all of the aforementioned people have in common which have played huge roles in each one achieving what they have done so far, respectively.

First, each one has devoted themselves to receiving coaching.  

Yes, some of these people are big time coaches themselves.  However, they didn’t get to where they are without being coached themselves - still.  

Even HUGE names like Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson have THEIR coaches and mastermind groups.

Going big, going far takes a team, and it takes guidance.

Taking yourself to the next level, and investing in yourself are the primary, sure-fire ways to get others to invest in you.

And, trust me, these people have all invested A LOT of money in themselves.  

The results?

Many people invest in them.

But, there’s another thing that they all have in common.  One that has done just as much in helping each to grow in their own rights as coaching has.

All of them have, and still attend LIVE events.

Not just any events.  Events where the focus is on personal and professional growth.  Events where like-minded people are sharing.  

Events that inspire them to do more, to do greater.

The UNCAGED CLINICIAN Facebook group was originally known as The Mobile PT LEAGUE.  

The name was changed for branding purposes, and it also made everyone in the group feel more included - because it isn’t just about “PT” or “mobile”.

I started the original “LEAGUE” in 2018.  

People soon started reaching out to me for guidance.  Eventually, I started a coaching business that led to a partnership with Josh Payne.  We later welcomed Kevin DeGroot as a third partner.

The UNCAGED CLINICIAN podcast (originally The Mobile PT Podcast) was started in late 2018.  

Come to think of it, it has been exactly three years and 2 months.  Remarkable!!

The Winning Mindset for the Mobile Entrepreneur - Success Starts Between the Ears was published in December 2019.

And now, with the UNCAGED CLINICIAN coaching academy, I (and Josh and Kevin) have been able to make a pivot in my career that enables me to impact more patients across the country - far more than I could ever touch myself.  

And, I’ve been able to help change the lives of hundreds of clinicians - and counting.

While I may not be the Rockstar that these other people are - and some of them are pretty dang A-listers! - I am still impacting far, far more people than I did up through the first half of 2018.

Heck, until then, I was definitely an “unknown”.

So, how did the UNCAGED CLINICIAN, the podcast, the coaching, a book all come about?

I attended my first of many LIVE events.

Everything I have accomplished so far has its roots in a LIVE event.  

I can honestly say that all that I am doing in my life right now was nowhere on my radar when I started my own mobile practice in 2013.

Everything changed when I attended not any ‘ol LIVE event, but the right LIVE event.

There is something….magical… about attending a LIVE event.  

Maybe it’s the energy surrounding the event.  

Perhaps it’s the people who are there.  

Everyone wanting to “win”, and to level up.  

Like-minded people supporting each other, rather than trying to one-up everybody else.

Relationships develop, and they strengthen.  Collaborations form.

Zooms are great and all, but they still create a cold, sterile environment.  

There is so much value in “touch”.

To really get to know someone is to look them in the eyes, to shake their hand, even to give them a hug.

Nothing can beat the feeling of meeting that zoom figure face-to-face and hugging it out!

Being present causes a shift in endorphins.  The blood begins to flow a little bit more.

The energy of being in a room stimulates creative thinking and inspiration far more than a video call on your computer does.  Trust me - and these big timers.

Attending an event provides an avenue for which you can get to know people on a deeper level.  

Speaking in person with someone, or with groups of people who share your dreams, has far more of an impact on your own ability to see new things, to gather new ideas.  

And to grow.

Above all, attending a LIVE event can be a major momentum mover for your business, because of all that I have mentioned.  

If you are wanting to do big things - even grow your current dreams to the point that you simply have the freedom that you desire - then I encourage you to consider attending a LIVE event that is aimed at helping you to grow professionally, and personally.

You never know what may come of it.

Why do I share this with you today?

Because a LIVE event is what has helped each of us to do bigger things.

And we truly want the same for you.

Your success is our success.

Josh, Kevin, David - UNCAGED CLINICIAN

While you may not have the flexibility to attend this weeks’ UNCAGED CLINICIAN LIVE Event in Plano, TX (Oct 8-9), we do hope that we will be able to see you at our event next year!

Our next one (probably in the Fall of 2022) will be even bigger!

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