Rebranding. Is it a good idea?

David Bayliff
August 29, 2022

When should you rebrand?


Is it a good idea?  When should you?  Why would you?

Businesses develop their branding in order to convey a vibe and to connect with their audience.

Often, they look for their brand to be that dangling carrot that entices people to check them out.

But once people know the brand, is it a good idea to switch it up?

The answers are: 1. Yes.  2. It depends.

Both answers relate back to the vibe and the connection that is made.  A major factor in this decision may ultimately come down to the point of: does the company need to make a pivot in order to continue its growth?

If an established company finds that it is no longer landing with its audience (perhaps because the audience has “grown up” or “evolved”), then a company may need to make changes in order to stay relevant.

Another reason may be that the business finds that its current lure isn’t attracting the desired numbers.

Sometimes, a business simply sees rebranding as an opportunity to put on a fresh coat of paint, which can help drive people to take notice… again.

One recent example that has been noticed is the smoothie company, Jamba Juice.  

The California based company, founded in 1990, has long focused on healthy smoothies.  Overtime, they began to add to the menu.

As of June 6, 2022, Jamba Juice rebranded to Jamba in order to reflect its wider array of offerings.

The new archetype (font) and overall look of Jamba portrays an image of light, fun, festive, of being healthy.

Two of our mastermind students recently went through rebranding for the purpose of connecting with their respective audiences more strongly.  Their brands literally represent their missions.

Launch Physical Therapy and Sports Performance is owned by David Herzberg.  The focal name of his brand - and his website - is simply, LAUNCH.  

The font type has been changed to a very NASA-like look.  

Want to skyrocket your health, your fitness, your rehab, your life?  LAUNCH into it.

J.T. Dulkerian with PIONEER PT drives a van as his mobile clinic.

His original brand had the look of what one would imagine when thinking about a Pioneer: one who ventured West.  This spoke to J.T’s love for the West Coast (even though he lives in Baltimore, MD), and of his desire to expand his fleet towards the West.  

The name also represented the fact that he is a bit of a pioneer in terms of having a van as a mobile clinic.  

With his target audience being primarily  mountain bikers, J.T. is in the midst of rebranding that , well, looks pretty dope.

The archetype of PIONEER is changing, with the “EE” being slanted.  The overall appearance of the name itself portrays motion.  It even makes one think of wheels moving fast.

His new look, and his new website, will be something that speaks to the soul of mountain bikers.

When his ideal client sees J.T.’s brand, that person will know that they have found the right place for them.

Even at UNCAGED we have gone through two rebrandings in three years.

The first was a complete name change from The Mobile PT LEAGUE to UNCAGED CLINICIAN.  

The name is more inclusive of our audience and who we want to help - clinicians; not just mobile physical therapists.  

More importantly, UNCAGED directly represents our mission of helping frustrated therapists and providers to escape corporate healthcare and create the life that they desire.

The second rebranding was our look.

We have a new logo (i.e. the archetype of UNCAGED)  and a new lion icon.

The logo font has a bold look that symbolizes action, independence, and freedom.

The lion is a more simple and streamlined version of the previous one.  It is more modern versus traditional.  It is TODAY, not the standard.  

Furthermore, on a deeper level, the new lion has five lines that serve as the mane.  

Each line represents one of the 5 F’s that we feel are the essential core to a healthy, sustainable person, first; and a business, second.  

The 5 F’s are Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, and Fulfillment.

Our new website with our new branding is due to drop any day now, if not today!

It is natural to be nervous about rebranding; especially when one has already put their heart into the original version.

Questions arise like: “What if I lose people because of it?”  “What if people don’t like it?”

The truth is, when you put the right thought into it, our new brand may be one key thing that increases your traffic - particularly the right traffic - for your business.

A solid brand is one that is backed by a solid business.

Are you looking to create that solid practice?  If so, we are here to help!

Building starts with taking action.  Take the first step here.

Your success is our success!

The UNCAGED team

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