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Is your future about MISSION BUILDING?

Jan 02, 2022



January 2, 2022

Is your future about MISSION BUILDING ?

Make it purpose-driven!

The New Year is now here!  Can you believe it?!

If you are like many others, you are thinking about your New Year’s Resolution(s).

You may also be goal setting for the year.

Can I be honest about goals?  I don’t really like them.

That’s right.  I don’t really like setting goals.  It’s not because I’d prefer to be lazy about approaching the future.  

Rather, it has more to do with the notion of “goals” has become.

Let’s take the ones we have to set for our patients, for example.  The goals set are typically ones that will be seen favorably by the insurance company so that the company will be appropriately reimbursed.

Much of the time, these goals that the insurance companies love to see have very little to do with the true desires of the patient, themselves.

In other words, the goals become something to merely “check off”.

And simply “checking off” is something that I personally don’t want to do as I go through the year.

Before I go any further, let me acknowledge that setting goals for yourself and for your business is absolutely crucial to growth.  We talk about goals with our students.

We recorded a podcast on goal setting.  Josh and I even talk about the value of setting goals in our respective books.

But, allow me to offer a different way to approach the notion of goals.

Indeed, goals provide us with a North Star, if you will.

They allow us to look back in order to see - and, more importantly - acknowledge the journey that we have already seen.

Goals can help us to identify our strengths and our weaknesses.  They also infuse motivation when needed.

Before I bring up my idea, let me ask you this.  What types of goals do you tend to establish?  

When I thought about the things I want to do in 2022, and the things that I want to be held accountable for by my partners, most tended to involve reaching a certain number for a task.

Things like, read 10 pages per day; one book per month.  I want to be more consistent with my presence in the UNCAGED CLINICIAN Facebook group.

These are just a couple of my goals.

Then, my wife Cara, and I had a discussion.  It was actually she who brought up a very good point.

She asked a simple question: “Why?”

Why did I want to read 10 pages a night? Why do I want to get back to showing my face more on social media? 

(Note: I admit that my presence has fallen off in the UNCAGED CLINICIAN as of late.  Full disclosure is that I also was down with the Rona for a bit; but much better now)

As we talked, I said: “That’s a great question that brings up a great point.”

Goals HAVE seem to become mundane, to a degree.  

They can have the tendency (as I said, the tendency) to not give the feeling of ownership of the outcome.

If I am going to put effort into accomplishing something, I want it to be for a purpose; one that leads to growth as a better person, and as a better coach and leader.

So, what if we looked at goal setting in terms of Mission Building.

In other words, why is this goal being set?  What is the intended outcome?

Yes, the list may look very much like “goals”.  But, I’m curious.  How frequently do we question if our goals have a specific purpose within our missions?

Take my goal of reading a book a month, 10 pages per night.  

When I first indicated that I wanted to do that, I will admit that it was for the purpose of reading more.  I knew that if I read more, then I would grow as a coach.  

Reading would also stimulate content creation.

But, my wife helped me to see a very good point.  That was, did I openly voice the purpose behind the setting of my goals?  When I achieve “the number”, what does it actually do for me?

It is with that for which I challenge you all to make one adjustment in your goal setting (if it applies to you).

As you map out your journey for the year, or years, consider what your mission is.  Does a particular goal support the success of your mission?

I do want to clarify that this mission building exercise applies to those activities that may correlate to either your personal growth or business development.

Are you going to have “fun” goals, such as making a particular trip to see friends or family?  Perhaps a goal to hike the Grand Canyon, or run your first marathon?

Absolutely!  And you should establish such goals that infuse anticipated fun into your life!

Even with such goals as these, consider what accomplishing them might do for you personally, or spiritually.  Is there more to get out of the goal than “I got to see my long time friend”?

And, write it down.

Should you begin to ask yourself “Why?” when determining what you want to do in the next one, three, five years, or more, you may begin to discover that you are building your mission with an intended purpose.

When you have a purpose driven future rather than a task driven future, the  likelihood of your goals being met will exponentially increase!


CHEERS to making big things happen in 2022!

Your success is our success!

Josh, Kevin, David - UNCAGED CLINICIAN

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