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Growing a successful business starts from within

Oct 16, 2021


October 17, 2021

Growing a successful business starts from within

Become the greatest salesman!

Are you looking to become the greatest salesman in the world?

I certainly wasn’t years ago.

One of the reasons - not the primary reason, but a reason nonetheless - that I became a physical therapist is that I did not, in any shape, size, or form, want to be a salesman.

The thought of my income being dependent on my ability to sell something was absolutely terrifying.

Perhaps you can relate.

First off, I truly wanted to be a physical therapist where I could help bring the playground back into people’s lives.

The notion of doing just that spoke volumes to me.  Maybe it was because I was always interested in good health and being fit.

Plus, as a therapist all I would need to do is to just sit back and have the doctors just send people my way - or the clinic’s way.

No selling required to pay my bills.

Boy, was I wrong.  Way wrong.

Selling is required nearly every moment of the day; even as a staff clinician.

One must be able to sell the reason that the client should follow through with the physician’s orders.

Much more often than not, being an active participant in the therapy program (i.e. a Home Exercise Program) is found to be the hardest sell of all despite being the key component to someone reaching their goals.

As a business owner, the requirement to sell jumps even higher.

If you are thinking about making the jump to being an entrepreneur, it is possible that you may still be thinking “Yeah, but I don’t want to be a salesperson.  I especially don’t want to come across as ‘salesy’.  I just want to grow a successful practice.”

This is where it is important to recognize that in order to be a good business, it is imperative to be a good, if not great, salesman.

Does that seem a little daunting to you?

It may if you aren’t into “selling”.

Mind if I give you a hand?

First, understand that the more you engage in a “thing”, the better you will become.  

That is unless you constantly go about it all wrong.

I shared five key principles to becoming a great salesman at our UNCAGED CLINICIAN LIVE21 event this past weekend in Plano, TX.

I want to share them with you as well.  

Let me warn you that these principles to becoming a great salesman have nothing to do with actually selling.

They have everything to do with you developing you as a person.

It’s all about becoming anchored within yourself, and serving others.  Kevin and Josh delivered BAMTASTIC presentations on these topics, respectively.

The theme of the event was about Building Your Legacy.  

More specifically, it was about Build. Build. Be Built.

Building up your business, building up others, and being built yourself all go hand-in-hand.  They are intertwined.  As an entrepreneur, it is nearly impossible to address one without impacting the other two.

And it all comes down to mastering some basic principles.

I adopted these steps from OG Mangino’s book “The Greatest Salesman in the World”.  

Excellent story, and a simple read.  I invite you to check it out!  

Principle 1: Adopt GOOD HABITS and COMMIT to them.

So often are the things that derail us from our day that have everything to do with bad habits.  

Don’t have the time?  Do an honest audit of how you spent your day.  It is possible that you will find that you spend way too much time lost on social media. 

Lacking belief or confidence?  Then engaging in regular personal development activities can be good habits to form.

Something that I did was to adopt the habit of reading before going to bed each night.  Many of you may do this already, but I never did.  

Once I started reading different inspirational and self development type books prior to getting some shut-eye, I noticed that I woke each day with a more positive mental state that motivated me to tackle the day.  

Prior to reading each night, I would wake each morning feeling like I was not giving it my all in my business.  Reading useful information helped to cure those emotions.

Good Habits is also about learning and understanding principles rather than tactics.  

A tactic may win you the day.  But understanding principles can help you to win for the long haul.

Principle 2: Greet each day with LOVE in your heart.  

Back to the first Principle for a moment.  Being successful in business isn’t all about tactics.  The right mindset is imperative.  

Mindset starts with Gratitude.

Positive thoughts are not enough.  It is important to show positive actions.  

Showing love and gratitude towards others will give positive energy back to you.  That positiveness comes in the form of referrals, conversions, and people wanting to work with you for the long haul.

During those times that you may be feeling stuck mentally, stuck in your business, or stuck with creativity, find something or someone towards which you can show gratitude.  You will be amazed at how it changes YOU.

Principle 3: PERSIST until you SUCCEED.

It is easy to get down from unsuccessful attempts.  

It was Michael Jordan who said: “I have failed over and over and over again, and that is why I succeed.”  

Learn proven principles, and trust the process.  The students in our Accelerator Program echo this back to us regularly.  Each time they share a win it is concluded with “trust the process”.  

One of the hardest things to do is to remove words like “can’t”, “won’t work”, “impossible” from the vocabulary.   

Recognize that these are the words of the naysayers, and those stuck in the sandbox of a fixed mindset.  

Instead, take each failure as a lesson and learn from it.  Improve on it.  Pivot when necessary.  


Imposter Syndrome is something we all deal with on a regular basis.  What we fail to do is to recognize that each one of us were born with given talents and gifts.  

Instead, we spend our energy wishing to be, and trying to be like someone else.

It’s important to remember that no one else is like us.  No one else looks like us, performs our craft exactly like us.  They probably don’t even make up fantawesome words like us.  

Own your difference.  Market the heck out of that.  Sell the heck out of that.

When you can own the fact that YOU are special and unique, the whole game will change for you.

Principle 5: ACT NOW

It is very common amongst clinicians (we know, because we talk to a lot of them) that they tend to want everything to be perfect.  

Success doesn’t follow a sequential order.  Success comes from taking action.

Your (potential) clients need your help NOW.  They could care less if you have everything lined up just so.  They just want your help.

If you are one who has difficulty escaping the fixed mindset, then know this: Speed kills.  

If you don’t take action someone else will.  And they will beat you.

If you are looking to grow a business, you must become a great salesman.  The secret to becoming a great salesman is to build and grow yourself.  

Adopting good habits, serving with gratitude, being persistent, owning your own gifts, and taking action are things that, when followed, will lead to your success.

Yes, tactics are needed.  But, like fashion, the tactics of today may not be in style tomorrow.  

Following good principles are more likely to lead you to long term positive results.

CHEERS to becoming a great salesman!

Josh, Kevin, David - UNCAGED CLINICIAN


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