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Don't be fooled by others' referral pipelines

Dec 26, 2021



December 26, 2021

Don’t be fooled by others’ referral pipelines

Keep focusing on the relationship right in front you!

The UNCAGED CLINICIAN team hopes that you and your family enjoyed a most delightful Christmas!

Our prayers to you that all of your Holiday wishes come true!

The other day I was on a call with one of our coaching students.  

He was “having some challenges” with the fact that he had only about six people from his “Dream 20” who were referring clients to him.

When I inquired deeper as to why he was struggling with this thought, I realized something that I thought would be extremely helpful for many others to understand.

His reason for his stress wasn’t so much that he had only six real referral sources.

Rather, it was his impression that other business owners appeared to have these solid pipelines that were feeding their practices.


Have you felt this way - that “all of these other business owners” were being pumped with clients left and right, and you were “struggling” to get a single client?

Chances are that you have.  I know I have felt that way.

That feeling of everyone else is doing great with amazing relationships and you aren’t can be one of the biggest hurdles in a business.

Let me help you with this.

First, it’s important to recognize that while social media has a lot of benefits to it, it can also be very misleading.

It is so easy to post a couple of wins and give off the impression that (you) are killing it.

Or, perhaps you see pictures of someone on the beach, smiling, kicking back some cold ones.  It is easy to assume that this person is living their best life.

What we don’t know is their reality in life.  

Perhaps they are going through a divorce, or just lost their job.  

Maybe they suffer from deep depression and anxiety.

I had a classmate who committed suicide, yet from her social media one would have never guessed that she was struggling internally.

Point being: Don’t immediately jump into the rabbit hole because of the hype.

Sure, that business owner DID achieve that win.  Congratulate them! 

But, keep in mind that they could very well be “struggling” like you, and they are excited to “get that win”.

Another point that I made to this student that goes along with the first point, and is also a different thing to recognize is that he has six people referring to him.


It is rare, and usually unlikely, that a solopreneur has that many fairly consistent to consistent referral sources.  

Additionally, to have six people out of 20 referring somewhat consistently is fantawesome.

I reminded him that he was actually comparing his six referral sources to other people’s one or two.

Again, be excited for others’ success.  But, don’t go down a rabbit hole.

I went on to remind him of the success that he was having.  For starters, he had replaced his salary from the Establishment.

It’s funny how we all need reminding of how well we are doing.

(Hmmm…. Why am I having flashbacks to last week’s blog??)

There is one final point I want to make regarding having “all of these solid pipelines”.

As a solopreneur, it would be impossible to handle six solid pipelines.  One’s business could not handle it.  

As a solopreneur business, it could be plenty enough to manage one to two solid referral sources.

When Josh owned Freedom Physical Therapy, he had only one outstanding referral pipeline.  It provided him with more than enough clients.

When I was full time into my practice, I received only one to two referrals A YEAR  - total - from physicians.  Yet, I maintained a “low”  of 25 visits/week throughout the year.  And that was with dealing with the migration of the Arizona “snowbirds”.

My schedule in the winter months ballooned to anywhere from 32 - 40 visits/week.

Again, with only one to two referrals from physicians each year.

I built my practice by focusing on the relationships with my clients.  THEY were my referral sources.

I think one of the limiting beliefs we all have when starting out is that we must have 10, 12, even 15 physicians referring to us on a steady basis.  

We think that because if you have worked in a busy clinic, you get that many physicians referring to the clinic.  Perhaps more.

But, recognize one thing.  

As a solopreneur, you don’t need a lot of patients to reach your desired financial number.  You just need the right clients.

In order to manage four or more referring pipelines, a business owner is going to have to scale their practice by adding one, possibly two therapists.

One of the greatest lessons I had to learn on my own when I first started Bayliff Integrated Wellness, was that everyone’s success looks differently.

Trust me.  I battled with the emotions of others getting “all of these referrals” also.  

But then I stopped; reflected; and realized that I was actually doing just fine.

If you are just starting out in your practice, believe us, it can take some time before a single referral source (MD, for example) becomes a winner for you.  

For now, focus on building your relationships.  Even targeting a single relationship to start out.

Serve first.

Serve. Serve. Serve.

And know that you are doing just fine.  We believe in you.


Your success is our success.

Josh, Kevin, David - UNCAGED CLINICIAN

We hope that you continue to enjoy the Holiday Season with your family!

We are excited to bring BIG NEWS to you in the New Year!