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Do the holidays take the cheer out of your business?

Dec 12, 2021



December 12, 2021

Do the holidays take the cheer out of your business?

Take advantage of this time!

The holidays are upon us.  Actually, they are pretty much in full force.  They have been since Thanksgiving.

This is a time of year when everything seems to be filled with joy and good cheer.

Except, it may not feel that way for your business.

The holidays can be a time when business owners , especially new business owners, struggle with a few things - attracting new prospects, closing on prospects, marketing, and even motivation because of the downturn in their business.

If you are experiencing these things, know that you are not alone.

We have been there.  And so have many other practice owners.

Today, we simply want to offer you the encouragement that, like the holidays, this challenging time will pass.

We hate to say: “It is what it is”.  But….. It is what it is.

What we aren’t suggesting is that you “throw in the towel” right now.  

Rather, it can be helpful to acknowledge that this is a time of year when virtually everyone is simply focused on doing everything that comes with enjoying the holiday season.

There’s shopping to do.  Cards to mail out.  Secret Santa gifts to figure out.  Family time to plan.

The reality is that while people may want to take care of their health right now, their health just isn’t the priority at this time.

By nature, people enter the final month of the year with the mindset of “I’ll get going after the New Year.”

So, if you are struggling right now with clients, please know that it is NOT because you stink at getting clients, or that no one wants to do business with you.

Or that no one wants to refer to you.

People are simply thinking about the holidays, and getting through the end of the year.

The good news is this: If this is your first year of being a business owner, the holiday time becomes less and less of a downturn as time passes.

We have experienced this.  And so have our mastermind students who are in their third year of their own practices.

Here is more good news: There are still things that you can do during this time to keep the ship moving forward.

While many physicians may not be referring right now, and specialty stores are not focused on hosting events during the holiday time, it doesn’t mean that the relationship building should be put on a pause.

There are still ways to serve these people.

Consider how you can bring value to them right now with expecting zero in return.  They will appreciate that.

Perhaps you can create handouts or rack cards that you can provide referral sources for them to share with their customers.  These can offer tips or simple management solutions for problems.

The holidays are great opportunities to send encouraging and cheerful emails out to your clients, and others.  

The goal is to stay in their top of mind awareness.

If you have been grinding away at relationship building and marketing, and you have been wanting to create handouts, a batch of social media content, or on-line programs, then this can be the perfect time to work on these things.

There are always the little things that we want to do and create for our business that seem to get put on the backburner because we are busy doing other things.  Use this time to get those things done.

Serve your current people.  Go the extra mile with them.  Do the unexpected.

Finally, remember one of the reasons why you more than likely went into business for yourself.

That is, that you wanted to be able to enjoy the holidays on your time.

So, right now, give yourself that grace.  Enjoy this time with family and friends.

Like your clients and potential clients, use the holiday season to do a reset for yourself.

When the Season is over, you’ll be ready to be a force!

Trust us, if things are challenging right now, you will get through this.

Your success is our success.  Cheers!

Josh, Kevin, David - UNCAGED CLINICIAN

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