Creating community impact as an UNCAGED CLINICIAN

David Bayliff
August 29, 2022

It can start with YOU!

Have you bucked the norm and started your own practice?

If so, why?

What were some of the reasons that you decided enough was enough, and you were going to do your own thing?

There is a real good chance that one of those reasons was that you wanted to create a legacy for yourself and your business.  You wanted to build something that your kids would be proud of.

Perhaps, you wanted to be the catalyst for  something that would become bigger than you.  

Grinding away with patient after patient, you discovered, wasn’t really making a difference in the way that you had envisioned when you decided to pursue your chosen career.

At UNCAGED CLINICIAN, we recently completed board meetings with each individual student.  One recurring theme was how each business owner was working towards growing their presence within their respective community.

Becoming leaders in their towns was providing more fulfillment for them than their practice’s bottom line.

What does that look like, exactly - creating community impact?

Like anything else, it comes in all shapes and sizes.  But the commonality among all is that it starts at the top.

Perhaps the most important way that an UNCAGED clinician is influencing their community is through passing down the changes they have sought for themselves to their own teams.

Virtually everyone who hungers for something different, for more control, for more time freedom, etc. makes the decision to start their own business.

Far too often what tends to take shape is that the owner, happy with their new lifestyle, sees scaling their practice with the same mindset as what they were previously exposed to as the way to further their financial happiness.

Thus, the cycle that creates frustration and burnout for other clinicians is perpetuated.

An UNCAGED business owner recognizes that by creating an environment for other clinicians to experience the same joys as themselves, those clinicians will feel empowered and will pass that joy and passion onto the patients.  

Customer satisfaction and retention increases.  

The practice becomes THE go-to; a place where the consumer must go.

With invigorated practitioners, and clients who recognize and feel the difference in the services that are being delivered, there becomes a true shift in healthcare.

Some business owners are changing their communities on an even broader scale while implementing this same aforementioned principle in their own practice.

One example is Charlotte.

With a passion for the outdoors, particularly mountain biking, she recognized a gap in the options available to the female riders in her area.  Meaning, there were none.

Through her practice, Mountain Wellness, Charlotte has organized weekly ladies only rides.  The number of riders has steadily grown.  And now groups of ladies are even gathering for their own rides in addition to those organized by Charlotte.

There has been a perception shift in the community regarding female mountain bikers.  Women feel empowered to hit the trails.  

The trickle down effect is that many of these same women are now feeling more fulfilled in their own personal lives.  This is huge given that many are also moms.  It isn’t uncommon for moms to feel as though what they are lacking is the ability to take care of themselves.

Charlotte has single handedly changed that.

Joewel, in Freemont, CA, is another physical therapy business owner who has completely grabbed the crossfit bull by the horns, and changed the landscape of that world in his area.

While operating his therapy practice out of a crossfit box, the opportunity to buy the gym fell into his lap.

Seeing a massive opportunity, he jumped on the purchase.

Meanwhile, Joewel also had plans for an apparel line that would speak to not only the mission of his therapy practice and the gym, but also to an overall lifestyle that he was desiring to shape for people.

In addition to Crossfit of Freemont, Joewel is also the proud owner of IKALA, a high-end exercise apparel clothing line.  

IKALA, oozing with Hawaiian vibes,  means “strong path”.  The brand, and the community, is all about moving forward with strength.

Crossfit of Freemont has now become the largest box in town.  It is now a destination for many of the local events.  Professionals even pop in for workouts.

Joewel now sees that the brand has become something larger than him.  It is quickly becoming that thing that the community rallies around.

And he is just fine with that.

It was Pope John Paul II who said: “The notion that but a few can change the world holds true, for it is the only way it has ever been done.”

Creating meaningful changes within a community can, and does, start with a single person with a vision and a mission.

When the dreamer maintains the authenticity of the journey, we see communities becoming better places to live.

And we see a broken healthcare system change for the good of everyone.

We are building better communities one business at a time.

Your success is our success.

The UNCAGED team

Are you ready to build something that generates an impact in your community?  

We would love to help get there.  

Take the first step here.

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