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Building a successful business isn't all about knowing the magical steps

Sep 25, 2021



September 26,2021

Building a successful business isn’t all about knowing the magical steps

Principles, not tactics!

Have you ever driven across the country?

If you don’t like being in a car, the journey can be daunting.  For the sake of patience (or lack thereof) and numb butt cheeks, the objective may be to take the quickest, shortest route.

People often drive as many hours as possible in a single day in order to get over the dread as soon as possible.

Consider for a moment if a “go straight from A to B” approach is taken; particularly if it is the maiden trip across the land.

There are scores of neat little towns that still beam of nostalgia from the past.  

Natural landmarks and parks that our forefathers had the wherewithal to preserve.

Eating your way through the local cuisine may create lasting memories.

Personally, I don’t like sitting for too long - be it in a car or an airplane.  

When I headed out West for the very first time for my clinical rotations, I was both excited for, and dreading, the drive from North Carolina to Arizona.  

Rather than trying to hurry up and get there, our small caravan decided to leave a couple of days early and make the trip an adventure.

We drove only 7-8 hours each day.  This gave us ample time to explore a local restaurant.  

We detoured off of I-40 to visit places like Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Here, we discovered a pretty neat part of Arkansas’ history; along with naturally occurring “jacuzzis”. 

We completed the drive in four days instead of two.  And, you know what?  It was well worth it.

Taking our time allowed me to fully appreciate how the landscape changed as we moved Westward.  

It was neat to observe how the Blue Ridge mountains transitioned into the flatness of the MidWest just beyond Nashville.  

I found the vastness of Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle presented their own beauties.

The colorful deserts of New Mexico and Arizona were simply spellbinding. 

Along the way, I gained an appreciation for new things, and new places.  And I had a little bit better understanding of what this country is like.

As it turned out, enjoying the journey gave me even more love for Arizona once I crossed the border.

What I gained would not have happened if I had focused on the quickest way to get there.  

How can you apply this story to your own exploration into entrepreneurship?

When you think about starting and/or growing a practice, the first thing that probably crosses your mind is “What steps do I need to take?”.  

Seems reasonable, no?

We see this question all the time, and we get asked this question, too.  In fact, not knowing the steps is one of the biggest barriers for people when they are considering venturing into their own business.

“Take action” is a common theme shared everywhere by everyone.

And, indeed, success follows action; not perfection.

Therefore, it is understandable as to why it is ingrained in all of us to want the next steps.  

It’s like going on a cross country trip where the only concern is getting from point A to point B.  

Stopping to explore landmarks and other points of interest that happen to be off the beaten path are of little interest.  Just complete the mission.

There are scores of offers on the market that offer “proven steps” to (growing your business).  

And, yes, having known action steps are valuable and necessary.  Without them, a budding entrepreneur can wallow in misery, and eventually forego their dreams.

However, neglecting personal growth and understanding in the process can create negative consequences down the road.  

Sometimes, that road can be a very short drive.

Mere action steps can be like fashion - what is in style today, may not be so tomorrow.

Thus, principles create the ability to generate necessary pivots.  

Being solid in one’s mental fortitude is what truly makes the action steps work to their greatest potential.

Hence, our mission at UNCAGED CLINICIAN is to Love. Serve. Care. Lead.

We recognize that business growth will never exceed personal development.  Therefore, we put a premium on addressing not only the principles for being successful, but overcoming limiting beliefs and self doubt, as well.

Some may interpret this approach as “rah-rah”.  And, in fact, we often have someone say to us: “I don’t need all of that fluff stuff”.

However, it is interesting that, many times, the very person who tells us “I’m good” ends up being the person who openly admits later that they “can’t get out of their own head”.  Essentially, they are what is holding themselves back.

Everyone can benefit from personal growth, whether they are building a business or not.

Why do we share this?

Because at UNCAGED CLINICIAN, we are about helping clinicians to become uncaged both professionally, and personally.  

We want (you) to achieve your personal legacy.  

Doing so starts from within.

Your success is our success!

Josh, Kevin, David - UNCAGED CLINICIAN

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