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Being Anchored to your purpose

Oct 23, 2021



October 24, 2021

Being Anchored to your purpose

Reinvigorate your foundational identity!

We hope you have had a fantawesome week!

In the previous edition of the UNCAGED CLINICIAN blog, David shared the main talking points of his keynote presentation at our LIVE event in Plano, TX.

In it he shared five key principles to becoming a great salesman in order to build a successful business.

The principles involved building up yourself through your habits, your thoughts, and your actions.

In this week’s edition, Kevin offers us a solid synopsis of his keynote speech.  

Trust me, it is pure fire.  He definitely stimulates some deeper level thinking.

We think you are going to gain amazing value from today’s publication.

For ease of writing, let me just clarify that all of the following is from Kevin’s keynote.

Many of you may know of Simon Sinek’s book “START WITH WHY”.  

Four key points to take from the book are:

People will buy from you NOT for what you do; but for Why you do what you do.

If you want to inspire others, always communicate your Why first.

Excited employees are always the best resource for any business.

You don’t need sleazy sales tactics when you start with Why.

But, for a moment, consider this: Is it always best to hold up your Why as your motivator?

Furthermore, when can we say that we have enough?

Back to holding up your Why as your motivator.  

Two important questions to answer are: 1. Do the ends justify the means? 2. To what extent?

Let’s take Adolf Hitler, for example.  

He didn’t care what rules he broke, or the destruction he caused in order to achieve his end.  

He cared only about himself.  In other words, “I am the one who matters most.”

When looking at whether or not the ends justify the means, rather than starting with “Why”, start with “Who am I?”

The question: “To what extent?”

Many business owners start a business, and it’s like walking in the desert.  

They say to themselves: “I’m going to feel so great when I reach that mirage in the distance.  I’m going to feel so great when I reach that water.”

However, as (we) go along, the mirage changes.  The water gets farther and farther away.

Being an avid cyclist here Boulder, CO, as I (Kevin) started my business I felt like building it was a constant uphill climb - just like the Rockies.

What I most wanted was to have a downhill feeling of enjoying the ride.  I wanted that sensation of flying down the hill.

When the author, John Maxwell, wrote that leaders were born to climb, I felt devastated.  

My whole attitude towards why I was doing something was to get to a point that I didn’t think existed.  

I realized that it was going to ruin me to continue to work this way - the notion of getting to the top of the hill and then being able to simply coast down.

I began to see that if I was to be a leader, if I was born to climb, then I needed to pick up my head and enjoy the ride.  

And I asked myself: To what extent?

When am I going to feel like I am good enough?

Will it be when I make my first $1K package sell?  A $20K month? When my business is generating $50K/month? When my wife tells me that she’s comfortable?  Perhaps when my kids tell me “I love you, dad.”

What does it look like?

To what extent am I doing this?

I started thinking I was just climbing, and climbing, and chasing after something…. But, what?  

My question for you (today’s reader) is: Are you in that position?  A position of chasing.

This begs the notion of rather than simply starting with your Why, begin with being anchored in who (you) are.

A great example of being anchored can be seen in the movie trilogy LORD OF THE RINGS.

Since the movie came out over 20 years ago, I don’t feel bad spoiling it.  You’ve had plenty of time to watch it. LOL.

In the movie, four rings were created.  One ring for humans, one for elves, one for dwarfs, and one that was created by Lord Sauron.

Lord Sauron’s ring was one ring that allowed for ruling over all.

Through a series of events (keeping this brief), the ONE ring ends up with the hobbits.

It was concluded by all that the ring needed to be destroyed.

The humans, the elves, the dwarfs all had the same Why - to destroy the ring.  But, they began to fight over who was to carry the ring.  

The fighting ensued because none trusted the others to not allow that person’s ego to consume them. 

It was decided that Frodo would carry the ring to the mountain where it was to be destroyed.  All of the others decided to go on the journey with him.

Why was Frodo the chosen one?  

Was it because his why mattered?  Remember, they all had the same why.

Or, was it because of who he was?  He was a person anchored in his beliefs.

What we learn from this story is rather than starting with Why to accomplish something, start with WHO you are.  There is immense value in this that will allow you to avoid many things down the road.

When we talk to people in UNCAGED CLINICIAN about starting their own business, some of the common themes are:

Provide for my family.

I will feel accomplished.  

I believe I will care for my patients better than others.

I will have freedom.

These are all great reasons.  However, let me challenge this.  And, yes, I know this may seem harsh.  But, please understand that my role as a coach IS to challenge you.

Are these things mentioned for selfish reasons?  Are they for chasing a mirage?

For me, selling a package was like getting a dopamine hit.  

Eventually, that hit lost its strength.  I needed stronger hits.  I found that I kept chasing stronger hits.

I became exhausted.

Thus, in order to keep going, it comes down to “in what are we anchored?”

You can run and run only so long before needing to stop.

Therefore, rather than starting with “Why”, think about starting with being anchored in yourself.

Sit and reflect on this question: “ Why did I get into (physical/occupational/speech/massage) therapy?”

Many people go into a career as a young person not knowing the pitfalls that accompany the job.

Time and again people become burnt out and frustrated by their chosen profession.

What is vital to recognize is that those pitfalls don’t change the reasons as to why I, or you, made the decision to pursue a career in ____ therapy.

Think about what it was within your identity that was satisfied by going into a health professions career.  

One reason for me  was to help others to live as healthy a life as possible.  

The metrics on which we are “graded” do not change the identity satisfiers of our original decisions.

Rather, they kill our drive because we are unable to have our identity needs met in the way we envisioned.  

We become jaded by things that take us away from who we were, or who we felt we were destined to be.

What we can do is re-invigorate the reasons we choose our profession.  

When anchored, we can recapture who we were when embarking on our personal journeys.

Rather than always looking forward, sometimes we need to return to who we were, and that foundational identity.

Your success is our success!

Kevin, Josh, David - UNCAGED CLINICIAN


Hopefully today’s blog has offered you food for thought.

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