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Do this to truly meet your business goals

Nov 21, 2021



November 21, 2021

Do this to truly meet your business goals.

Build a team!

We hope that you have had a phenomenal weekend as you prepare for this week’s Thanksgiving festivities!

Hopefully you are going to get to enjoy time off in order to be with family.

Josh, Kevin, and I just spent three extremely productive days brainstorming with our Leadership Development coach, Matt Phillips, CEO of ProAthleteAdvantage.

While the days were long and exhausting, the time was also very exciting!

We came out of the retreat with a clearly defined organizational structure for UNCAGED CLINICIAN.

While we have always known what our leadership philosophy is, one of the activities we did was to create a visual image of what that philosophy looks like.

I must say, it’s pretty fantawesome!

It’s absolutely crazy to think that Josh and I started this whole journey together only two years ago.  

Another accomplishment this weekend was the procurement of our 10th employee, who will start June 1st, 2022.

But, wait! There’s more! (cue the infomercial voice)

We were also in serious negotiations that are highly likely to bring on employee numbers 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 by the end of 2022!

Incredible growth in only three years!

A valuable lesson can be learned about our progress since the inception of UNCAGED CLINICIAN.

Today’s blog is not about our growth and the development of our team, and of leadership.  Rather, we want you to understand the value of a team; and why it would be advantageous for you to build one also.

Even if you are thinking that you want to run a one-person shop, there are still reasons behind building a solid group around you that can be to your advantage..

Yes, hiring employees can be a scary proposition.

I remember when Josh and I hired our first employee, Nate Navas, to assist us with our podcast, we asked ourselves: “Can we afford this?”

It’s crazy to think that bringing Nate on board with us was six team members ago!

The reality is this.  Even if your desire is to be a solopreneur, chances are that you still desire time freedom, and are on a quest to create your lifestyle.

While it is extremely possible to achieve success as a one-person outfit, doing so requires that you are doing everything in the business.  This can become exhausting over time.

You can very well create a healthy six-figure practice on your own.  However, as a solopreneur operations come to a halt whenever you are not in front of your clients.  

Depending on one’s overall home dynamics, this may not be an issue at all.

Although having a healthy case load significantly reduces anxiety, taking time off can still be a stressor - despite being the boss.

We have helped over 250 clinicians to start and grow their practices.  We have talked to many many more therapists than that.  The one common theme amongst them all is time freedom.

Until one builds a team around them - even if it is only one or two key people - then a true sense of time freedom is never fully realized.

I point to the vacation issue as one example.

When we speak of achieving success, obtaining goals, etc, it isn’t about making a certain amount of money.

It is all about being able to have (your) true Why come to fruition.  

It’s possible that you may be asking the question: “Does this mean I can work less?”

Well, eventually, yes.

In the immediate future, the answer is yes and no.


Really, until this past weekend, Josh, Kevin, and I have had our hands in all of the cookie jars.  Even though we have other team members who have their designated roles, all three of us have been trying to manage everything.

Now, with a leadership structure that defines how our team operates, this will no longer be the case.

What this structure does is it allows each team member - from owner to event coordinator - to take ownership of their giftedness.  

Everyone now has the freedom to operate within their zone of genius.

As a result, everyone will “work” less because each will have more time for productive creativity within a role that has been clearly defined for them.

This applies to every member of the UNCAGED CLINICIAN team.

Within our Leadership Philosophy, each person has the responsibility to hold everyone else accountable for upholding our core values of LOVE SERVE CARE LEAD.  

Through this it ensures that the fingerprint of UNCAGED CLINICIAN’s mission and values are left behind with our actions.

Having each member operating within their talent allows us to impact more lives for healthcare providers.  

It allows us to influence the future of healthcare. 

 And, ultimately, it changes both the perceptions and experiences of those who consume healthcare services.

What does developing a team look like for you?

First, start with the question of Who? not  How?

This is a concept from Dan Sullivan, author of Who Not How.  

When you are always trying to figure out the How, this only leads to feelings of insurmountable work.

Identifying Who will allow you to grow more quickly, and to enjoy the rewards of being an entrepreneur.

An admin assistant who performs client follow up calls, sends out emails, perhaps submits billing can be a big time saver for you.  Time that can be spent growing your business.

Or, time spent with your family.

In my practice, even a single 1099 contract therapist who saw two visits a week provided comfort for me.  

During my time away, knowing that even four or five visits were being covered made me feel as though the ship was still moving forward.  

I was able to relax, and to fully enjoy my break.

For you, even a small team can make a huge difference.  

If you are just starting out and you don’t have plans for growth beyond your own caseload, a team actually helps with the sustainability of your practice.  

Not one single person we have ever spoken with has said that they don’t care about having sustainability.

You are starting your business for several reasons.  

The more people you have around you, the more those reasons become your reality.

You will avoid the burnout that can come even from being an entrepreneur.

You will gain continued passion for your craft.

And you will find that the scope of your impact grows more than you ever imagined.

Ultimately, you will thoroughly enjoy it all.

At the end of the day, that is pretty much what many of us are seeking.

As always, your success is our success.

Josh, Kevin, David - UNCAGED CLINICIAN


Are you looking to grow your team?  Perhaps you are at the beginning phases?

Either way, we are here to help you.

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